Corporate Sponsorship

THE GIVING WATER is more than just bottled water. It is about GIVING, RECEIVING and PROMOTING the Community to sustain itself through Philanthropy and Commerce. The Giving Water does this by bringing together your business, charities, and individuals via a label on The Giving Water.  The Giving Water then flows through combinations of event promotions and your designated charity. 
The Giving Water offers direct marketing solutions and more. Corporate Sponsors are proudly displayed on the label of The Giving Water. That water goes directly into the hands of those affected by disasters and those in need. People will know firsthand that your company supports them in their time of need.  Your company is seen supporting those in the community who have supported them. Water is also distributed throughout the Las Vegas valley and beyond.
Sponsors cast a wider net to reach the public, while giving back to the community. This also allows the public to give back within their bottled water budget. Everyone gets their thirst quenched through a partnership with The Giving Water!
Businesses help define a thriving community with tax-deductible giving that goes directly to the hands to maintain the health and hydration of the people they serve.
·         Corporate giving that goes beyond the agenda of suppliers, retailers, and customers
·         Define the way you want your brand to be seen in the community
·         Improve the impact of your giving with a tangible gift of hydration sent directly to consumers
·         Leverage Your Time – Let us do all your work and YOU Take the CREDIT!
·         Experience the joy of generosity without sacrifice
·         “Conscious Commerce” created changes the status of Bottled Water
·         Hydrating through The Giving Water now defines one as a Giver no longer just a consumer
Giving Example
Many Corporations require their employees to give back to the community on their behalf. This costs the corporation's money and the employee’s free time now becomes work time. With The Giving Water your brand is seen in the hands of the people in the community you support.  It feels good to finial be supporting all of those in the community who are supporting you. Keep your employees free time free and let us do all the work giving on your behalf and you take all the credit.
The WHOLE community is then at the forefront of giving and happily hydrating.
The Giving Water is designed to quickly deliver drinkable water to those affected by disasters and those in need in Las Vegas, Nevada and across the United States. THE GIVING WATER essentially welds philanthropy into a community event that promotes your advertising campaign and creates a powerful message.
Good corporate citizenship is a must, with 84% of all customers look to see what you are doing in the community and with The Giving Water. 
Our Sponsors have proudly displayed a label of The Giving Water. These donations directly fund the bottling, labeling, production, storage, and distribution of drinkable water to those in need. We also organize fundraising events or provide The Giving Water at existing fundraising events.