Meet the Founder

Since coming to Las Vegas, I initiated and coordinated a number of local projects and, due to their success, I have built a reputation as a community activist.  So, it would seem I’m naturally predisposed to envisioning big-picture projects. The Giving Water is the biggest project created to manifest all my dreams for a community that thrives as a whole and everyone can give within their bottled water budgets. Changing the status of bottled water and infusing it with the flavor of giving. 

I consider The Giving Water to be the culmination of all my skills and years of experience.  It’s not only the boldest, most ambitious project ever created; it’s also the most important and fulfilling. My hope is that The Giving Water leaves a legacy for the benefits of future generations. The Giving Water is excited to open the floodgates to giving back throughout the community. I will consider it to be my crowning achievement.