Established as a 501(c)(3) on December 21, 2017 (EIN 82-3374594). The Giving Water is an organization designed to quickly deliver drinkable water to those affected by disasters and those in need in Las Vegas, Nevada. To support these efforts, we produce and distribute bottled water with our corporate sponsors brand proudly displayed on the label of The Giving Water. Donations to The Giving Water directly fund the bottling, labeling, production, storage, and distribution of drinkable water to those in need. We also organize fundraising events or provide The Giving Water at existing fundraising events.

The status of bottled water is forever changed defining its consumers as givers through the purchase of a single bottle of The Giving Water. The Giving Water donates back to the community on behalf of our corporate sponsors, allowing local businesses to show their support to the entire community. Bottles are delivered to charities and nonprofits and placed at other distribution centers throughout the Las Vegas area. Our sponsors are known as supporting those who support them, charities receive funds they did not think were possible and everyone is able to give within their budgets for the first time. It is a win-win for the entire community.